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Performers in Goa

What event can be without dances, music and unique spectacular performances? Right, none.  The organization of any event or holiday is quite complicated task. While preparing for the special day, whether a birthday or anniversary, kid’s holiday or wedding, corporate dinner or business party, you should take into account hundreds of details to make the coming event unforgettable, fun and amazing. Do you want to vary your party and bring something new and unexpected into it? Then it’s time to ask us for a help!

Goa performers

The Art Goa Entertainment offers you different types of party-organization and holiday-celebration solutions with involvement of professional performers for hire in Goa. We have a huge database of talented and professional fire show and led light show performers, popular Goa private DJs, beautiful and graceful cheerleaders for events and airy-fairy strolling tables. Besides, we can provide you with unforgettable and lively-hot GO-GO dance shows, outstanding barman show and fantastically unreal freak dance shows.

You can book our performers in Goa for the following types of events:

  • Birthdays
  • Engagement parties
  • Bachelor parties & bridal showers
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Kid’s holidays
  • Business parties
  • Corporate dinners
  • Promotions and presentations
  • Christmas & New Year parties


Private DJs: quality music accompaniment by our most talented and famous Goa Djs will make any party rock!

Fire shows: spectacular and breathtaking dances with fire performed by professional fakirs and real Lords of the Fire!

Led light show: unforgettable holiday of dance, music and light right at your party!

Cheerleaders for events: graceful, beautiful, flexible and chic cheerleaders will turn on your guests from the first moment of their appearing on a stage!

Strolling tables: unique living decoration that will make your party memorable and bring million of positive emotions to you and your guests!

GO-GO dance shows: professional sexy Go-Go dancers will be a perfect beginning for your wonderful and marvelous special event!

Barman show: only best professional barmen who will impress you with their fantastical sleight-of-hand and amazing cocktails made just for you!

Freak dance shows: the most extraordinary and incredible dance shows performed by professional dancers dressed in unreal, shocking and outrageous get-ups. This freak show no one will ever forget!

The list of our professional performers in Goa does not encompass all talented singers, dancers, musicians and other entertainers that can be hired for your special day. We regularly extend our database creating and developing new amazing shows for you and your guests.

We are always happy to provide you the most talented, most professional and most outstanding performers in Goa. So if you have any questions, or need some help in choosing the entertainer for your event, please call us any time and we will help you to turn any your holiday into remarkable and memorable show!