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Hostess For Hire

The level of service at any modern event not only depends on the harmonious and exquisitely embellished interior of a party hall or variety and quality of served dishes and snacks, but also on professionalism of hostesses and waitstuff which creates an atmosphere of hospitality and comfort.

The Art Goa Entertainment Company offers you its high professional event hostesses and models to hire for your event, party or any special day. All our services industry employees outstand with their elegant and preppy look, good manners and know-how to come into contact and get on the right side of all and every guest that is present at your event. The main requirements for our personnel are the impeccable politeness and manner of speaking with the guests invited to the party. Moreover, we pick only employees that have beautiful, correct and well-practiced speech required for answering any question your guests may have or providing them any required information on the entertainment they came to.


If you’re planning to organize business or corporate dinner and need some beautiful and stylish Promo stuff and hostess to hire in Goa, then don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Our employees are high-caliber professionals with huge experience in working at different exhibitions, BTLs, workshops, corporate dinners, business parties and even at private large-scale showers. Our hostesses and Prom stuff will gladly help you with event organizing, guests meeting, your company goods promoting and will easily steal a way to the hearts of your guests in a matter of seconds.


  • We work only with real Top-professionals in services industry which means that your event will pass clean and clear as a whistle;
  • Our employees will create unforgettable atmosphere of hospitality, coziness and heartily, so all your guests will feel themselves at home from the very first minute of talking to our hostesses or promo stuff;
  • Wide choice of promo stuff and hostesses to hire, so you will easily find a right one personnel for any event;
  • University of our promo stuff and hostesses: they can easily keep up with any party format.

If you have any questions or need help in choosing the best and most hostess to hire in Goa, please feel free to call us at any time convenient for you. We will be happy to help you choosing the most appropriate waitstuff for your special event!