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European wedding in Goa


What can be more romantic and memorable that a wedding ceremony somewhere in exotic and unusual place? Wedding in Goa will be right that event which will stick into your memory forever! And Art Goa Entertainment is happy to help you in organizing and planning the best day of your life in one of the most paradise-like places in the world – in Goa.

We have plenty of ideas how to make your wedding in Goa the best and the most eye-catching day in your entire life. If you like to have a European type wedding somewhere in Goa, we are here to help you doing it without any efforts from your side. We will do everything ourselves, and what you’ll have to do is only to give us your preferences and wishes for your wedding ceremony organizing.


Usually when booking the European wedding in Goa, the bride and the groom bring their wedding outfits with them as to find and rent the wedding suits directly in Goa is a quite costly affair. However, if you want to tie the knot in new and original wedding outfits, we will do your best in finding them for you.

At the wedding day the bride and the groom are putting on their wedding suits in a hotel room, and soon after that at the agreed time our professional hairstylist and make-up artist (upon request) are coming to the hotel for turning the bride into the most beautiful woman in the world. Later, our talented wedding photographer and a car decorated with flowers are arriving to the hotel for picking up the newlyweds. Several photos are made inside the hotel, and several more – in different unique places of interest on the way to the wedding ceremony place.


At the ceremony site the bride and groom are met by our wedding planner in Goa who explains them the rules and the procedure of wedding conducting. After that, followed by the European instrumental wedding music, the future “just married” couple slowly reaches the beautifully decorated wedding arch and table with champagne, decorated glasses and rings. The master of the ceremony gives his wedding speech and asks the bride and the groom to repeat their wedding oaths of loyalty, give each other a promise of eternal love and put their rings on each other’s fingers. The wedding planner gives the bride and the groom a symbolical marriage certificate, while the photographer makes the memorable beautiful pictures of the newlyweds.

After the ceremony finishes, the newly married couple and their guests (if there any) serve round fruits and champagne. On the way back to the wedding car, the guests throw rice and roses to the “just married” couple wishing them long and happy life together. The bride and the groom sit into the car and go for wedding photo session to the most beautiful and original places of Goa. In the evening (upon request) the European wedding in Goa celebration continues in the restaurant and ends with a firework.


We always try to create something new and unique for you developing new and original wedding programs and packages which will definitely make your wedding in Goa ceremony the best day ever in your life. Currently we can offer you the following European wedding in Goa packages:

  • Package “Classical Wedding”: the wedding ceremony in European style is conducted according to the classical standard wedding procedure;
  • Package “Wedding Modern”: the European wedding ceremony on the beach or somewhere in unique out-of-doors places around Goa (near old churches or in front of ancient temples, near waterfall or in some national parks);
  • Package “Wedding Luxe”: the wedding in European style with live music and additional European/American wedding traditions in hotel, on the beach or in cathedral (upon the client’s decision).


You can also develop your own unique European wedding in Goa ceremony. All you need to do is to call us now and share your most interesting wedding ideas with us. The rest – is our job!

To book one of the above described European wedding packages or for more information receiving on each of them, please feel free to contact us any time.