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Fire Performers

Fire performance is an amazing, magical and fairy show, a real theatrical production which combines elements of pyrotechnical special effects, fireworks, stage performance and, of course, the fire-show itself. This breathtaking enchanting spectacle involves acrobats, dancers in colorful individual costumes, amazing choreography, interesting stage design and fascinating music which all together will charm and make your guests freeze and hold their breath waiting for a true miracle.

The Art Goa Entertainment Company is happy to organize unforgettable fire performance in Goa for you and your guests without distinction of type of the planning event. Our team of fire performers will develop and present you their unforgettable show which you’ll remember fondly during many years.

We have great experience in different fire shows organization and our team of professional and surely much tenanted fire performers will grace, vary and ginger up any special day whether it is a birthday, wedding or anniversary, corporate or business dinner after-party, New Year Eve’s or Christmas party, Prom night or some festival.

Our amazing fire performers have quite wide-ranging programs of high quality, colorful and eloquent shows you may never forget: fire shows for wedding, Venice Carnival-like fire performances, Arabic-type fire shows – there is nothing impossible for us.



  1. Professional presentation with colorful performance and carefully picked background music;
  2. Romantic and unusual fire performers image;
  3. Best performers with the most nimble hands in whole Goa
  4. Affordable prices and variety of programs
  5. Themed original pyrotechnic support


  • Group (synchronous) and solo performances with various fire and pyrotechnic equipment;
  • Tailor-made costumes designed especially for performance;
  • Different special effects;
  • Unique decorations (indoor or outdoor party stage are decorated with fire cups and burning torches);
  • Photoshoot with fire performers (optional)

If you have any questions or need some help in choosing the best and the most professional fire performers for hire in Goa, please feel free to contact us any time. We’ll be glad to make your event unforgettable and magical!