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Wedding planners in Goa

Planning a wedding can be hard work. There is so much to think of and arrange, especially if it is a destination wedding away from home. Select Goa for your destination wedding. It is a fantastic place that offers many scenic locations and possibilities. Wedding planners in Goa like ArtGoa can plan and arrange everything. ArtGoa is one of the leading event organizers in Goa with many years of experience.

Our wedding planning in Goa includes pre-event arrangements too. We have several event management packages in Goa. We can also develop a customized plan for you. ArtGoa Entertainment offers the services of the best and most experienced vendors and professionals to make it a truly special day.


Goa has emerged as a favorite wedding destination. Many Indians and also people from other countries come here for their destination wedding. Goa’s warm tropical weather, lots of sunny days, exotic beach locations, hills, and awesome wedding venues are top attractions. There can be music, dancing, and plenty of entertainment. We can provide dancers in Goa, cheerleaders, DJs, photographers, videographers, and others.

Art Goa Entertainment is a preferred wedding planner in Goa, offering the complete range of services – help with venue selection, accommodation, selecting the wedding dress, food, decorations, flowers, music, photographer, videographer, cars, entertainment for guests, and more.

Your wedding in Goa can be in the most traditional style, following your religion and customs, or you can have a beach wedding in Goa in the most romantic way. There are also many beautiful churches. Goa has some of India’s biggest and most reputed hotels.

All-Inclusive Service From Wedding Planners In Goa

A wedding is the event of a lifetime. It has to be perfect in every way. You will, of course, want to look your best, but there is so much more to make it a perfect event. The food, decorations, music, cake design, photography and videography, make-up, flower arrangement, accommodation for the guests, and so much more.

Only the best wedding planners in Goa can do it all with expertise and professionalism. But the right wedding planning service should go beyond this. It should understand your unique requirements and preferences. This is why it is essential to talk with the bride, groom, close friends, and relatives, and fine-tune the planning and arrangements so that the wedding is perfect in every way.


Wedding Planning Services From Art Goa

Art Goa Entertainment will be happy to help you organize your Goa wedding in the best way, making this day the most memorable ever. Our wedding planners in Goa specialize in providing professional services from top-rated experts.

  • We will do the entire planning, look into the details, and provide everything that makes it a huge success.
  • We work with you during the planning and organization.
  • We will give you all the venue options to choose from.
  • We can help you develop an interesting and unique wedding program.
  • Select the music, DJ, and dancing.
  • Find a good photographer and videographer.
  • Prepare a guest list.
  • Help you organize accommodation and cars for guests.
  • Select the best restaurant for your wedding celebration, discuss the menu.
  • We can even help you find the right wedding dress.

Top 9 Reasons For Selecting A Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. It keeps the couple and everyone close busy. This is sad because you should be able to enjoy it. Let the experts do all the careful planning, and arrange everything, so you can sit back and enjoy the moment.

Professional wedding planning in Goa will make your life easy. Here are the top reasons why you must always hire a wedding planner –

  1. Saves you time/it is convenient – There are so many things to plan. A small miss can have a big effect. Everything must be perfect. If you are from outside Goa, then this can mean several trips and endless stress. Hire a wedding planner so you can focus on what really matters. You don’t have to focus on the details.
  2. Find the perfect venue – There are some awesome venues to choose from, including romantic beachside locations, and heritage churches. Only a wedding planner in Goa will know of all the best availabilities.
  3. Find all the best vendors – It is virtually impossible to find all the service providers and bring them together as an individual even if you live in Goa. But a wedding planner can do this easily. The planning service knows all the vendors personally and works with them regularly, so it is easy to bring them all together and make them work as a team when required.
  4. Get vendor discounts – The best vendors don’t usually offer discounts to couples. But it’s another story if you approach through a wedding planning service. You will end up saving money, thanks to the regular association of the planner with the vendor.
  5. Stay within budget – Weddings have become very costly now with couples spending a fortune. Last-minute changes and adjustments can mean budget overruns. By planning properly, a wedding planner ensures that everything is controlled and well-managed. Many people think that a planning service will cost a lot of money. In reality, wedding planners can save you money.
  6. Attention to detail – There will always be small details that will scream for attention. Like, for instance, what will the bridesmaids wear, when will the DJ arrive, and so on. You can only do so much alone. But a wedding planner with her team knows where to look, the likely trouble areas, and what holes to plug. All the details are looked after carefully so your wedding goes smoothly.
  7. Fresh ideas – Everyone wants a special wedding, unique and memorable. An event like everyone else can be boring. But it’s not always easy to come up with fresh ideas on your own. What are the latest trends? How can you implement them, and are they doable? A wedding planner can give you the right combination of a classic idea and the latest trend.
  8. Accommodation – You will probably need several hotel rooms to accommodate your guests. This will cost a lot of money. Plus, in the peak season, it may also be difficult to find so many rooms at the same property, even if you are willing to do block booking. A wedding planner will negotiate with the hotel to get you the rooms at the same place, close to the venue, so your guests won’t be stressed having to travel a long distance at the end of the day. You may end up getting a good discount on the prices too. An upgrade can also be negotiated.
  9. Relax and enjoy the event – Top wedding planners will not just help you plan and organize, but they can also help you immensely on the day itself. On the wedding day, all you want to do is just enjoy the moment and talk to your guests. A planner will do everything else to ensure that everything is smooth.

How Our Destination Wedding Planners in Goa Work

First of all, we select and provide you with only the best and the most professional wedding planners who will organize everything. A dedicated person will assist you during the planning and organizing processes. You will get expert suggestions, access to the best vendors, and booking support. Finally, the planner will manage everything before the event, and on the day of the wedding itself. You will have a tailor-made, unique wedding ceremony.


On the wedding day, our planner will help the couple meet the guests, prepare for the ceremony, stay in a very good mood, and will also look after the comfort and convenience of your guests. The wedding planner will also check everything and make sure that all the arrangements are perfect.

Our wedding planning services in Goa include:

  • Helping you pick a wedding package;
  • Assistance to help you choose the wedding venue;
  • Individual wedding program development;
  • Creating a unique wedding image for the bride and groom;
  • Booking the specialists (make-up artists and hairdressers, master of the ceremony, photographers, performers and artists, musicians (for live music only), dancers;
  • Creating the wedding cake design;
  • Booking the restaurant;
  • Preparing the wedding menu;
  • Car rentals;
  • Wedding suit rent services (if required);
  • Preparing the bride bouquet design;
  • Planning the wedding decorations, including color matching;
  • Monitoring all wedding place decorations;
  • Technical equipment rentals


Why Select ArtGoa?

Art Goa Entertainment works only with the best and first-class specialists from the wedding and entertainment industry. Here’s what you will get –

  • Service of the specialists: We work directly with wedding industry specialists, meaning that there are no intermediate agents between you and us. That’s why we have the most attractive prices!
  • Customized planning: We have several wedding packages but they are not final. Our wedding planners talk to each couple, understand their requirements and preferences, and prepare a customized plan that is precisely what they want. Thus, there are never two similar weddings. Your wedding in Goa will always be unique.
  • Personal wedding planner in Goa: You will get the services of a personal wedding planner who will assist you in everything, from the planning stage to the day of the wedding when everything has to be managed efficiently.

Call us now for more about our wedding planning services, wedding ceremony packages, beach, and theme weddings in Goa.